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Bassarah App.
Version 2.0
┬ęKanabo Apps 2015

Concept and Idea

M K Srouji

Created by

Kanabo Apps

M K, N, K and A K Srouji

Designed and Developed By

M. A. Chidiac Studio




Bassarah App. is a coffee cup reading game. Its sole purpose is to entertain users after drinking their cup of coffee. It is by no means related to actual fortune telling, magic or any sort of divination.

Privacy Policy:

User Information

Bassarah App will use the data collected to allow the app to provide it's service. The information will not be stored outside the Bassarah App or your phone.


Bassarah app will access the camera only during the use of the app. It will not keep record or store any of the images taken during the use of the app.

Twitter and Facebook:

Bassarah App will access Twitter or Facebook accounts to post on behalf of the user only when the user demands to.

How to use Bassarah App

Set Up a New User

New User Bassarah

If you wish to use the app for the first time or change the user, tap on the "New User" button. Fill in you first name, date of birth and gender then tap on the "Save" button.

Coffee Cup Reading

Coffee Cup Reading

Bassarah app replicates the traditional coffee cup reading experience. In order for Nadira to read your coffee cup correctly, you should drink turkish coffee. After enjoying your coffee cup, cover the coffee cup with the saucer and rotate them three times.

Coffee Cup Reading

Next, flip the coffee cup and saucer over and leave it for a few minutes in this position. Lastly, flip the cup over. Now your cup is ready to be read by Nadira. Open the Bassarah App. Tap on "Start" button. Select the coffee cup type you drank the coffee with.

Coffee Cup Reading

Place the phone cam over the cup and tap on the Camera shaped button to take a photo of the inside of the cup. Make sure that the inside of the cup is well lit and visible in your camera. After the cup is validated, tap on "Start Reading" to begin the coffee cup reading session.

Wishing upon the Coffee Cup

Coffee Cup Wish

After the reading is done, make a wish then place your thumb over the coffee cup and press. After you release, a gauge will appear to determine the odds of your wish to come true.


Bassarah Icon

Add fun to your coffee time with Bassarah App. Finish up your coffee, sit back, and experience coffee cup reading the way it's meant to be with the help of our symbol reader Nadira.

Bassarah is a coffee cup reading app
available for Apple and Android devices.


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